March 11

Relaxing at Home

Here are some suggestions to help you integrate relaxation into your daily routine.  A relaxed home is a happy home! Waking up - Encourage children to lie in bed for 3 mins before getting up while they listen to their Relax Kids CD  (Quiet Spaces CD is a good one for this time). Breakfast - Try and introduce a moments quiet as you sit together at breakfast.  Our digestion works best when we are relaxed.  Believe and Achieve CD has positive affirmations and is great to play in the background to give them some positive thoughts for the day. Travelling to and from School - Many children listen the the Relax Kids CDs in the car. Superheroes CD or Princesses CD is a lovely way to start the day as they have beautiful story meditations. Home time - Children are often tired at this time and a few moments quiet can refresh them.  Listen to a track from the Nature CD for a few moments calm before the TV is turned on or homework is brought out.  Relaxing before homework will also increase their concentration and learning. Chill out time - If you are keen to introduce relaxation to the whole family, we recommend a weekly or nightly Chill out.  You can lie on the floor or sofas and relax together listening to a CD.  Relax and Destress is great for older children and adults.  Quiet Spaces CD for younger children.  Spend some time talking about how your feel and what you saw in your imagination after listening to CDs. Time out - You could put a CD such as Nature or Quiet Spaces on a CD with personal headphones and children could listen to a track as an alternative to the naughty step.  Often children just need time out to relax and refocus.  Increase the amount of time according to their age. Bedtime - This is the best time to listen to the CDs.  Read a story and then put on the Relax Kids CD.  The fairytale range are great for the under 8s as they can imagine they are drifting off to fantasy lands which will improve the quality of their sleep.  You may like to keep the CDs on a loop so they play all night.

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