March 11

Meditation is good for us!

According to today BBC news, meditation is good for us! Well, its something I have known for years and even though I was laughed at at school, have been meditating since the age of 12. I had the idea to set up Relax Kids 10 years ago.  At that time in the UK there was almost nothing for children in terms of relaxation and meditation.  Back then, meditation was seen as new age and hippy. I wanted to find a way to encourage children to relax and meditate and come up with the idea of using fairystories to help children relax.  They would lie down and imagine they were Jack climbing the beanstalk, or Sleeping Beauty lying on a feather bed. As well as the book, I developed a range of CDs to help children relax and meditate. Over the years it has become more and more apparent that meditation and relaxation is vital for children's well being.  It is great that there is national publicity on the need for getting children to meditate.  It is not religious or spiritual or new age, it is just sitting down, being still and quiet and having a few moments rest. Meditation is good for sleeping problems, stress, anxiety, concentration, learning, ADHD, hyperactivity, anger management and behavioural problems. If you are thinking about starting relaxation with your child, I would suggest Quiet Spaces or Nature as a good CD to begin with. If your child any particular issues, simply scroll down to find the issue that most suits your child. Sleeping Probems My 3 year old can't settle at night.  Can you suggest a suitable CD?  I am at the end of my tether as I have tried everything to help him sleep. The Quiet Spaces CD includes simple relaxation exercises that are short and easy to listen to.  Many parents put the CD on a loop so children listen to it throughout the night. Anger Management I have a 6 year old that has tantrums.  I have never tried relaxation and am not sure if it would work. Anger Management is a CD that has been created to help children learn tools to cope with their anger.  The CD includes calming breathing exercises, positive affirmations and visualisations. Worry I have a 6 year old that worries about everything.  She worries about school and not being there on time, worries about her health, worries about the family.  I have done everything I can to try and reassure her but the worrying seems

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