March 11

Positive thoughts each day

Here is a great way to get children feeling wonderful about themselves this year.

Try these great affirmations at the start and end of the day. Repeat each affirmation 3 to 5 times. Start of the day I am confident I enjoy learning I am positive I appreciate myself I look forward to the wonderful day End of the day I am grateful for my day I am brilliant I am wonderful I will sleep well I look forward to tomorrow I am grateful for my day

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March 11

The secret to feeling wonderful

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March 11

Afternoon exercises

Here are some exercises for the end of the school day or after school.

1 Breathing

Take in a deep breath into your tummy and blow out as slow...

March 11


Introduce children to positive thoughts and get them going to bed and waking up feeling great!


Here are some great affirmations to say...