March 11

My Thank You List

There is nothing more lovely than a grateful child who enjoys the little things in life and appreciates everything.  Encourage your child to have an attitude of gratitude by writing all the things they are grateful for that day.   They can make a thank you list. Thank you for.......Thank you for........etc.  The more we are thankful for things in our life, the more we seem to attract more wonderful things in our life. Whenever they are down or upset, they can read their thank you list or notebook and feel better. Encourage your child to appreciate and see their specialities with the Relax Kids Star Cards - they are a perfect stocking filler! Please pass it on and tell all your friends If you have found this blog helpful please pass it on to your friends, colleagues, schools and nurseries and help us help more families and schools.

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March 11

Make your own Worry Dolls

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March 11

Spring clean...

When doing your spring clean, why not give your home a revamp and make it more relaxing!



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March 11

Forgiving Friends

You are my best friend
You always will be
Yet sometimes I get mad at you
And you get mad at me
Sometimes I don't understand