March 11

Smell your way to relaxation

Smell your way to relaxation Aromatherapy uses various oils to enhance mood states, bring relaxation and improve general health and well being. It is easy to introduce simple aromatherapy into your home with scented oils and candles. Do make sure that the oils are natural as some synthetic fragrances irritate some children when they breathe them in.  Please make sure you keep aromatherapy oils away from children and only use one or two drops as they are very strong. How to use aromatherapy in your home drop in a bath a few drops in a spray bottle with water and spritz the room like an air freshener a few drops in drawer lining a couple of drops with water in an oil burner a few drops on a damp towel on the radiator Which oils to use? Lavender and Chamomile are safe to use with children and will help them relax and sleep peacefully.  They are great for use in the bedroom and bath. You could mix a drop of lavender oil in some cream or unscented oil and rub on your child's feet. Put a drop on a tissue and let them keep it on their pillow at night. Rosemary or peppermint are great for older children during homework time as it clears the mind.  Put a drop on a tissue and let them keep it on their desk. Tea Tree or Lemon are great during the flu season as they can kill germs in the air and the environment and keep them safe from sibling’s colds and other infectious childhood diseases.  They are also great for helping get children up in the morning.  You may like to spritz the air with a few drops of oil diluted with water. Eucaplyptus oil is great for coughs and colds.  Put a few drops in some hot water and let them inhale the steam.  (please stay close and never leave them unattended) Rose oil is very soothing for an emotional child.  Try a couple of drops in their bath. Mandarine oil is good for anxious and worried children. Enjoy filling your home with lovely aromas! Try other posts in this series Please pass this on to anyone who might find it useful.

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March 11

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