March 11

Helping children manage pain

There was recently an article on the BBC news that relaxation can help children manage their pain.  Exercises such floating on a cloud can dramatically decrease abdominal pain, which is great news for children suffering from IBS.  In a study 73% of children who listened to their relaxation CDs noticed a decrease of abdominal pain.
So, regular listening to the Relax Kids CDs should equip your child with all the tools they need to manage pain and discomfort.  Our CDs have been used in hospitals, doctors and dentists surgeries.  They are fantastic for helping distract children whilst taking them to a calm and relaxing place.  Nurses, play therapists, social workers and doctors use Relax Kids CDs with outstanding results!
Here is the full article for all parents and teachers who are interested. Children can 'imagine away' pain Children can be taught to use their imagination to tackle frequent bouts of stomach pain, research shows.

A relaxation-type CD, asking children to imagine themselves in scenarios like floating on a cloud led to dramatic improvements in abdominal pain.

The US researchers said the technique worked particularly well in children as they have such fertile imaginations.

It has been estimated that frequent stomach pain with no identifiable cause affects up to one in five children.

The research, published in the journal Pediatrics, follows on from studies showing hypnosis is an effective treatment for a range of conditions known as functional abdominal pain, which include

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