March 11

Is work harming your family?

Wanted to post briefly about an article that I found today which speaks about how inflexible work shifts are damaging to families. Numbers of women working have risen significantly and 1 in 8 fathers work more than 60 hours a week! It is great to hear that Nick Clegg recognises the importance of balancing parenting responsibilities with work and that he is looking in to ways to help employees all over the country spend more time with their partners and kids! Read the full article here! Relaxation is a wonderful way to all calm down and be still together after a long hard day at work! Why not try a track from our Believe and Achieve CD (our CD of the month - Was £14.99 Now £12.99) - if you all believe that you can relax as a family, you will achieve just that! Good luck!

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March 11

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