March 11

Make Bath times Fun and Relaxing

Bath times can very stressful.   Bath times can be a great opportunity for you to enjoy quality relaxing time with your family.  Rather than dreading it, you can make it into a special magical and creative time.
Here are some ideas to make family bath times enjoyable and fun.
Bubbles - as well as plenty of bubble bath, add a bottle of bubbles to let them blow
Crayons - buy special bath crayons and let children be creative
Food colouring - add a couple of drops of food colouring for a colourful bath
Oats - add a handful of oats to the water to help itchy skin (take extra care as the bath could be more slippery)
Salt - add a handful himalayan salts to help children relax and sleep
Lavender - put two drops of lavender in the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere
Milk - put a cup of milk into the bath to soften the skin
Lights - get hold of some water activated floating lights for some colourful fun
Music - play some relaxing music as they enjoy their bath
Candles - create a lovely atmosphere with candles making sure they are away from the bath and children are supervised
Warm towels and PJs - put the towels and PJs on the radiator for an extra treat
Foam shapes - squirt a few large blobs of shaving foam into their hands and let them make some fabulous shapes (make sure they keep the foam out of their eyes)
Glitter - sprinkle body glitter into the bath for a magical touch
Relax Kids - play your relax kids CDs for an extra relaxing time to get children in the mood for bed time
Fun activities
Penny Game
Place a penny in the bottom of the bath and let children drop pennies on top of the penny
Bath finger paints
Mix 2 cups flour with water to make a paste.  Add food coloring and bubble bath (not foamy bubble bath) until it becomes thick. Children can paint themselves and tiles.  The food colouring will colour the water, but it wont stain children.
Bath Bombs Make your own bath bombs.
Mix 1 part citric acid (buy this at a pharmacy) with 2 parts baking soda. Add a few drops of essential oil and a few drops of food coloring and some body glitter.  Spray with witch hazel until mixture just begins to stick together. Make into balls. Place balls on grease proof paper and leave the bombs dry and harden for 24-48 hours.

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