March 11

Help your child feel BRILLIANT!

I was just making a list of my personal achievements for my bio and thought it would be an excellent exercise for families. As a child, in schools, university and drama school, I always always thought I was bottom of the class.  I believed I was useless at everything.  I cried every day at university feeling talentless and useless.  It wasn't until recently when I wrote all my achievements down, that I realised the only person that thought that I was talentless must be me!  I had just been comparing myself with everyone else.  Comparison kills self esteem. This is a great lesson to learn and I hope you are able to help your child grow in confidence and help them believe in themselves. Boost your own confidence and your child's confidence by writing down achievements.  You might like to keep them in a book or make a wall poster and keep adding new ones as the weeks and months and years go by. Celebrate little achievements - that is what life is all about.  Watch their confidence grow as you congratulate, reward, acknowledge and appreciate all the little and great things they have done. Encourage your children to write them down at the end of the day.  Spend time acknowledging, rewarding, noticing, commenting and appreciating your children's small and large achievements.  Hand them certificates of achievement and let them know they are special and appreciated.  This will really add to their feelings of self respect and confidence. Congratulate yourself too. Make a list of your achievements in life to date.  You might like to put some here to inspire and remind others of their achievements. Here are some of the things I have done: Won numerous singing competitions as a child Played piano and guitar Sung in the CBSO choir with Simon Rattle Sung lead in the youth opera - recorded for Radio 3 Got a 2ii degree in performing arts Won a Michael Jackson scholarship to study mime Awarded a Millenium Award Grant] Ran a children's entertainment business and performed at some big stars' parties Went on TFI Friday with Chris Evans Directed pantomimes for 15 years Played an array of panto parts including genie, belle and wicked witch Took 4 shows to the Edinburgh Festival Founded Relax Kids Won Oxford's best business and won an office for a year Went on BBC Dragons' Den Developed a unique relaxation system and created Relax kids classes Trained over 600 people from 25 countries Editor of RELAX magazine Helped thousands of families and schools

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