March 11

Love and Kindness Exercises

Colour Breathing


Take in a breath and as you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in the colour pink for love.  Feel this colour touching all the parts of your body inside. Send it around your whole body.  Now, as you breathe out, see if you can imagine breathing the colour into the room.  Fill the room with the colour pink.


Smelling Roses


Imagine you are smelling beautiful fragrant roses in the garden. Take in a deep breath and see if you can smell the wonderful roses. Concentrate as hard as you can, enjoying the soft scent of the roses.  

(Sniff and sigh.)


Smiling Heart


Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose, slowly, and out through your mouth.  Put your hand on your chest and spend a few moments feeling calm and relaxed.  Now, imagine that you have a smile in your heart.  Watch how you start to have loving feelings. Can you send that smile up to your face?  Let your mouth smile gently.  Breathe in and out and rest there for a few moments.  Now open your eyes and see how different you feel.


Kindness reflection


Spend a few moments with closing your eyes and reflect on or think about the positive qualities of a person and the acts of kindness they have done. Then think about yourself, making an affirmation, a positive statement about yourself, using your own words.




Imagine you are sprinkling love dust all over your partners head, neck and back.  Draw large love hearts with your palms on their back.


Love and Kindness affirmation


Repeat 'I am a kind and loving person, I am a kind and loving person, I am a kind and loving person, I am a kind and loving person, I am a kind and loving person, I am a kind and loving person'

'I am loved, I am loved, I am loved, I am loved, I am loved'


LOVE Picture


Write the word LOVE as large as possible in graffiti type letters and let your child colour in the word.  They can add pictures of things that help them feel calm.  Let them use calming colours - anything to create an image of calm.  Tell children to stare at the picture and see how loving they can feel.  Then ask them to close their eyes and make the picture very small - like a postage stamp.  Tell children they can keep this little picture anywhere they like in their body - heart, head or finger for example.  Whenever they are feeling stressed and anxious, they can look at their calm picture and feel loving.

About the author, Marneta Viegas

Marneta Viegas

Marneta is the founder of Relax Kids, and has been practicing meditation for over 40 years. Relax Kids produces CDs, Books and Cards to help children learn to concentrate and build self-esteem. She has also trained over 800 people to hold Relax Kids Classes around the world.


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