March 11

Is your child's bedroom relaxing?

Encourage them to make suggestions to make it even more comfortable and relaxing. Children love newness and will love helping rearrange their room. It can be a lovely chance to spend quality time with them and find out what they love. Here are a few suggestions.  1 Keep TV and videos out of the room. Although it maybe tempting to let children fall asleep watching a program, it actually is stimulating and can cause more sleep problems. 2 Keep the colour scheme soft and relaxing 3 Play relaxing music in the evening and soften the lighting. 4 Create a relax area - just a cushion will do - a place where children can sit back, reflect and chill out. 5 Buy some new sheets that bring newness to the room, or dye some exisiting ones. 6 Try painting a simple mural on one section of the wall.

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