March 11

Depression in Children

Depression is a particularly common problem and not only in adults. Not many adults are aware of what problems children may have. They assume 'they are young', 'what have they got to worry about' 'it's not as if they've got bills to pay...' Childhood depression can be triggered as a result of several factors. If there has been a member of the family that has suffered from it, then it may reoccur in the children. Equally, if there has been a significant life event then that can start off the symptoms. Death in the family, divorce, a break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend are all examples of things that can contribute to symptoms of depression. Children who have depression have described the feelings that they experience as that the world feels like a different place, they feel no good, they are tired, they don't feel like eating (or are overeating in other cases). As parents, we might not like to interfere with our child, we might not want to worry over something that others just deem as 'the troublesome teens', or the'terrible twos'... No matter how old your child is, you need to take their emotions seriously. However, if your children have been experiencing the symptoms as listed above for more than 2 weeks then it may be an idea to talk to a doctor about it, so that they can complete an evaluation about it. Have you thought about trying the Relax Kids STRESSBUSTERS album that you can download as an MP3 from RELAX DJ? Lets inspire some positive thinking this summer!

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March 11

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March 11

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