March 11

Meditation and yoga classes improves grades

Did you see the recent article in the Daily Mail about how Meditation and yoga improves children's concentration, work and grades? When I set up Relax Kids nearly 10 years ago, I knew the benefits of relaxation were huge and could have an impact on most parts of children's lives.  In the beginning it was like  peddling upstream trying to convince teachers and parents that just a few moments of calm could bring such positive results to their children. Even when I went on Dragons' Den, they laughed and could not see how meditation for children was not a good idea.  I don't think its just a good idea, it is a necessity where we have a significant rise in child anxiety, anger, self-esteem issues and other mental health problems. I am now relieved that meditation and yoga are now becoming more accepted and even mainstream and not just some hippyish dream practiced by a few. It is easy to introduce your child or class to relaxation.  Simply start with just 2 or 5 minutes a day.  Sit or lie down and ask children to put their hands on their stomach and breathe in and out slowly and deeply.  Just concentrating on deep belly breathing can bring deep calm. You may like to try one of the Relax Kids CDs or ask children to close their eyes and listen to all the sounds inside the room and outside the room.  This helps them focus and develop their concentration and mindfulness. For more exercises to help your child, try my FREE Ebook 21 days to happiness. If you are really keen about your child learning tools that will last a life time, you might like our Relax Kids classes where children learn relaxation and self esteem exercises while they go on a magical adventure.  Find out more about our classes here. If you have any questions or problems, please do email me directly   I would love to hear from you. Wishing you a magical day and a peaceful evening Marneta

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March 11

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