March 11


This month we celebrate World Book day, but with the rise of the internet and the world of cinema, some people are neglecting their reading – opting for the “easier” route instead. 


I find this absolutely crazy – it’s a wonder that we are able to still spell considering how “texting” language seems to have taken over the world! – Actually, this new found way of communication has been found to influence how our children write, which is a real shame.


I much prefer to pick up a good book and am often disappointed when the film version comes out – it’s never how I imagined it as I was reading it! 


Reading does not have to be painful and practicing reading little and often (throughout our lives) can improve our vocabulary, our confidence and open our minds to things we could not even dream of. 


Differ what you read. Alternate from non-fiction to fiction to glossy magazines. We all need a change – and none of them are any less important for stretching our minds. Our brain is like a muscle and needs to be worked out – and the way to do it is to exercise it!


Practice reading aloud every day – you could even read out the directions on whatever you are cooking for dinner! These little bursts will improve how you speak to people, your confidence and your public speaking. 


Go on, curl up with a good book tonight and see where it takes you. 

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