March 11

Positive Thinking for Kids

While Jamie Oliver is watching what goes into children’s mouths, Relax Kids helps

what goes into their minds.

We can probably all remember the victorian style of teaching where we would have to

repeat one hundred lines – I will not…. I will not…., after a bout of indiscretion.  This

system of repeating a thought was meant to drive deep into the child’s psyche.  I’m

sure there were few re-offenders as sore ink-stained fingers were a good deterrent.

The system of repeating a more positive set of words has been slowly developing

mainly in pockets of lentil-eating and sandal and sock-wearing communities.  Louise

Hay has brought the simple but effective system of using affirmations into the main

stream.  After being diagnosed with cancer she used positive affirmations to totally

heal herself and went on to write twenty seven books on the fascinating subject.

The theory goes that our bodies almost listen to our thoughts and whatever we think

about ourselves, the body responds.  Whatever we believe about in ourselves – it

usually manifests.  I always believed that I was the fattest in the class.  Even as a

teenager, I believed I was too big really to be on stage as a dancer.  I was constantly

hounding myself with thoughts of low self image and esteem, repeating to myself I

am too fat I am too fat.  And yet when I see my stage costumes of fifteen years ago –

they are tiny.  I was never too big – I just believed I was and so this became my

reality and over the years I put on weight.

As a children’s entertainer, I found it very disturbing when other clowns would gain

cheap laughs by singling out children and calling them silly sausage or stupid. It

might seem harmless, but when we understand that the subconscious doesn’t

understand lies and jokes, then we can see that these words are going inside these

little minds and helping them shape their reality. Children have powerful imaginations

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