March 11

21 days to a happy child

Would you like your child to be happy, more relaxed, self-aware and creative? Relax Kids have created a new ebook which is totally free to parents and encourages children and families spend a few moments each day relaxing together. Get a copy of your ebook today! Enjoy!

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March 11

Help children change their mood

1. Remember a time you felt really happy. It might be when you were playing with friends, laughing or doing something that really made you proud of yourself....

March 11

My Personal Prayer

Bringing some sort of prayer or ritual each night can really help children feel safe and secure.  This can be a traditional prayer from your family fait...

March 11

How to change your moods!

Everyone has moods - it is part of life.  Sometimes, it can be just a word that someone says that sets us off, it could be a painful memory or a change in our s...