March 11

21 days to a happy child

Would you like your child to be happy, more relaxed, self-aware and creative? Relax Kids have created a new ebook which is totally free to parents and encourages children and families spend a few moments each day relaxing together. Get a copy of your ebook today! Enjoy!

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March 11

Look after ourselves

We all have mood swings and it can be difficult to find the will to keep ourselves upbeat and comforted when life is getting us down. 


March 11

Respecting People that you Love

I don’t know about you but I am often telling myself off for not appreciating the people closest to me. Why do we tend to treat the people that we love...

March 11

Relaxation Tips

1 Soothing music can be relaxing. When you feel stressed, put on some relaxing music and let the music carry you away 2 Next time you feel stressed, take a f...