March 11

21 days to a happy child

Would you like your child to be happy, more relaxed, self-aware and creative? Relax Kids have created a new ebook which is totally free to parents and encourages children and families spend a few moments each day relaxing together. Get a copy of your ebook today! Enjoy!

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March 11


Does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s anti bullying month – help us combat the stress that bullies bring by learning to unwind. Tracks include “chill ou...

March 11

Afternoon exercises

Here are some exercises for the end of the school day or after school.

1 Breathing

Take in a deep breath into your tummy and blow out as slow...

March 11

Spring clean...

When doing your spring clean, why not give your home a revamp and make it more relaxing!



Choosing the right colou...