March 11

21 days to a happy child

Would you like your child to be happy, more relaxed, self-aware and creative? Relax Kids have created a new ebook which is totally free to parents and encourages children and families spend a few moments each day relaxing together. Get a copy of your ebook today! Enjoy!

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March 11

My Personal Prayer

Bringing some sort of prayer or ritual each night can really help children feel safe and secure.  This can be a traditional prayer from your family fait...

March 11

Relaxation Tips

1 Soothing music can be relaxing. When you feel stressed, put on some relaxing music and let the music carry you away 2 Next time you feel stressed, take a f...

March 11


Does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s anti bullying month – help us combat the stress that bullies bring by learning to unwind. Tracks include “chill ou...