March 11

Half Term Activities

With some careful planning and preparation, half term can be nicely managed! As ever the RK team are here with a few handy hints if you are feeling stuck! Get creative with your family and make gifts for each other: jewellery, pictures, holiday diaries, name signs, cards, aeroplanes... the options are endless! Embrace your sporty side: football, cricket, assault courses round the park, hide and seek, bike rides, country strolls, skipping are all great activities to keep you fit and having fun! Look local: hit the nearby swimming baths, youth clubs for weekly trips, theatre and dance workshops, bowling alleys - there are lots of things nearby that might be fun to try! Home comforts: build a den in your room, watch dvds and videos, bake cakes and relax. When it all gets too much - try one of our Relax Kids CDs - you might like to try Quiet Spaces as a great chill out CD for all the family! And don't forget - free with all of our orders is our lovely heart chart and stickers - great for rewarding good behaviour over half term.

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March 11

Improve your Memory

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March 11

Reasons to Smile

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March 11

Morning Exercises

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