March 11

Christmas Angels Game

Here is a lovely game to play during the run up to Christmas to help fill everyone with Christmas Spirit! This game can be played at work, home, at school, amongst children or staff.  It is so much fun and creates a wonderful atmosphere of love and kindness. Not only is is uplifting for all, it is motivational and a wonderful chance to help children and adults be creative. It also creates a great sense of community.  It is simple to play. Names go into a hat and each person picks a name out of the hat.  For one week or month, they have to be especially kind, loving and generous to that person.  They could leave gifts or sweets or fruit or kind notes or do special things for their chosen person.  The Relax Kids Star Stickers are great for sticking on personal  notes. It is important that it is kept a secret though.  They can leave kind words, small gifts and treats, make pictures, cards, write poems, make secret cups of tea, but they must not reveal their identity. At the end of the week or month, each angel confesses to his friend and they can share their experiences. You could continue this and put names in the hat again and let everyone have another secret angel for the next month or week... Give it a go!

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March 11

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March 11

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March 11


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