March 11

Coping with SATs

SATs are so stressful for young children.  We all know that when we are stressed, we often go into shut down mode which makes it difficult to remember, concentrate and focus. At Relax Kids, we feel that helping your child stay as relaxed as possible particularly at this time is vital. Here are some simple Stressbusters to help keep them calm 1 Happy Place - Ask your child to close their eyes and imagine they are in their happy place.  Let them stay there for a few moments. 2   Massage – A few minutes head or shoulder massage will do wonders for your child’s stress levels. 3   Breathe – Take in a deep breath and breathe out slowly through the mouth. 4  Write – Encourage your child to write a journal or diary and so they can identify their thoughts and feelings Routine. 5  Exercise – Go for a walk or bike ride or swim. 6  Hug – Having a hug is a great healer and will make your child feel safe and secure. 7  Rest – Make sure they get plenty of sleep especially before the exam. 8  Don't forget to listen to the Relax Kids CDs during the run up to SATs

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March 11

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March 11

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March 11

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