March 11

A few moments spare

Do you ever have those moments while you are waiting at the doctor's or in a queue and need to calm and anxious child or engage a bored child? Here are some great activities that you can do with your child to fill in life's little moments.• Draw a letter on your child's back with a finger and see if he or she can guess • Count by twos, threes, fives, tens • Give a backrub • Get a backrub

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March 11

Both sides of the Brain

They have different ways of working and are better at different things. Some people may be stronger with looking at numbers, logic and sequencing and others ...

March 11

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating does not have to be expensive or difficult. We can encourage our families to live healthier lifestyles and not break the budget! 

March 11

Bullying and Anger Management

Both bullies and their victims can often benefit from some anger management techniques. Relax Kids have recently released a new Read   Comments