March 11

Relax Into Homework

It is important to encourage children to adopt a regular relaxation routine to help children feel cool,  calm and collected whilst completing their homework.  Deep relaxation can help children concentrate and increases their learning so making homework stress free. Here are some tips to ensure that your child relaxes at homework time. 1 Create a relaxing environment without distractions and make sure that the TV and radio noises can not be heard in the background or your child may be distracted. 2 Burn lavender oil to induce calm or rosemary oil to boost concentration.  If you prefer not to burn the oils, you could even put a drop or two on a tissue which children can keep close by. 3 Encourage children to stretch their back in all directions- forwards, backwards, sideways and twist, so that they do not stiffen up and become uncomfortable. 4 Suggest your child drink a glass of water to hydrate the brain and keep themselves alert.

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March 11

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March 11

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