March 11

Relax this summer!

The summer holidays is the perfect time to introduce a regular relaxation routine.  If you can establish the routine in the next few weeks, children will reap the benefits when they go back to school.

A few moments of relaxation each day can really help children relax and de-stress.  Relaxation is so simple to do and it can help your child's learning and concentration.

Here are some activities you can do with your child to help them feel more relaxed:

Simple yoga stretches - buy a book or go along to a yoga or Relax Kids class!

Breathing exercises - just take in a deep breath and breathe out slowly
Affirmations - repeat 10 times I am calm and relaxed, I am calm and relaxed

Visualisations - imagine you are floating on a cloud

Massage - spend some time massaging your child's hands or feet

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