March 11

Why sleep is so important for your child

I went to a school who said they encouraged children to have an afternoon nap during Health Week. The teachers were amazed at how the children's concentration and focus and work improved so much.  They realised that the children were simply exhausted on a daily basis and were not getting enough sleep. Sleep is so vital - Is your child getting enough? When we sleep our brain and body is restored.  When we are asleep, the body produces protein molecules that boost the immune system and help us fight infection.  A growth hormone is also secreted during sleep. Sleep reduces stress by helping to lower the blood pressure and helps to regenerate the body on a cellular level. Sleep can also help improve moods and help prevent depression and anxiety. Sleep also improves the memory and clears the mind so helping children learn facts and figures.  Getting enough sleep during exam time can have a profound effect on exam results. Getting children to sleep can be a problem and our Relax Kids CDs have helped literally hundreds and thousands of children and parents.  Children fall asleep listening to calming relaxations.  They let their imagination go and the visualisations even help improve their dreams. If you would like to improve your child's sleep, you may like to try one of our CDs. Have a look at the range here - there are CDs for children of all ages. SWEET DREAMS!

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