March 11

Teen Stress

Did you know that 1 in 3 11-16 year olds admit to being stressed most of the time? A recent survey completed by the NSPCC showed that school and loneliness were the main culprits. Our Stress Buster CD for teens aim to help combat these problems. Here are some more worrying stats about teen stress showing the need for relaxation. In an average secondary school of 1000 pupils according to young minds 100 have self harmed by the age of 16 100 will be suffering from mental health problems and experiencing significant stress 50 pupils will be seriously depressed 20 pupils will have obsessive compulsive disorder OCD 10 will have an eating disorder 5-10 are likely to attempt suicide IN a class of twenty 2 will have a  clinically defined mental health problem another 2 may experience Eating disorders 2001 census 3% of general population are anorexic or bulimic 15% binge eat /compulsive eating disorder 10% of secondary school age population have anorexia bulimia or binge

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March 11

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March 11

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March 11

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