March 11

Valentine's Day for Busy Parents

Here's one for the adults! It can be pretty difficult to find time to keep romance alive when we are all so busy. There is the argument that we should all create small moments with cuddles and laughs throughout the whole year to appreciate the ones we love but for those of us who need a little reminder - Valentine's day is here. But stay calm - we dont have to splash out on lavish gifts or expensive gestures just because the card shops tell us to! It's the little things that count. Here is some inspiration for your V-Day: DIY Spa: You dont have to be a trained masseuse to give your partner an indulgent experience. Why not take turns to give each other the treatment of choice? Team that with a glass of your favourite tipple and your favourite CD and you are quids in! Pyjama Party: Spend the whole day in your pyjamas. Bring the duvets down and spend the day doing nothing - or whatever your version of nothing is, whether that be chatting, watching a dvd or listening to your favourite singer. Hit the cinema: Remember the old days before you had kids when going to the cinema was a regular treat. Why not re-visit those days. With everyone jumping on the Valentine's bandwagon, getting a babysitter can be difficult, so why not catch a matinee? Make your own gifts: Head to a craft store together and give each other a budget and a time deadline in which you have to create something for the other person. It will keep you busy all day and give you something fun to talk about at night as you reveal what you have made for one another! Long Lasting Flowers: Buy / make flowers instead of spending lots on real ones. This way they can be a reminder all year round of your love for each other and won't need to be replaced so quickly. You could set up a tradition where you put one flower in the vase each year and take turns supplying it and watch your love grow over the years! Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend, With love from everyone at RK x

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