March 11

10 tips for a Stress Free Christmas

1 Christmas Cards - Make a list of people you would like to send a Christmas card to. Don’t feel obliged to send cards to people who you feel you have to send to. This year, I made a list of all the people who are close and make me smile and I made each one a handmade card. You might like to save money and stress, by getting your children to make all your Christmas cards this year. 2 Shopping - Plan your shopping trips and make plenty of lists and go shopping before it gets too busy. Try to make shopping a pleasure instead of a chore and give yourself little treats on the way. Have an express manicure, coffee break or stop and listen to the Christmas buskers!  Don't forget to listen to some relaxation CDs to help keep you calm and refreshed before and after shopping. 3 On-line shopping -This is definitely the way forward! It is easy and quite stress free. It does lack the buzz and atmosphere though, so try to find the time to nip into town to get an injection of Christmassy spirit. 4 A perfect Christmas - There really is no such thing as a perfect Christmas and so many people stress unnecessarily by trying to create a Christmas that competes with Good Housekeeping magazine. Just Relax and do your best. Your family would much prefer you to be happy and relaxed than stressed and uptight trying to do everything perfectly. 5 Emergency Presents - Wrap up a few extra boxes of chocolates etc for any unexpected visitors. This will save any last minute panics! 6 Family Fun - Try to involve the children as much as possible and set aside times where they can help make gift tags or help cook gingerbread men. Although this may seem more stressful than getting on with it yourself, it will bring the real spirit of Christmas to your home. 7 Relaxation - Make sure you take time out to de-stress. Quiet reflection, meditation or going to church or your place of prayer, will give you vital chill time. You might like to try one of our fabulous Relax Kids CDs 8 Charity - Try to spend a few moments in thought, prayer or action for those you are less fortunate than yourself. For many people, Christmas is a fun family time, for others it is the loneliest time of the year. Doing something for others is a sure fast way to make you feel valued and content. 9 Take a break if it is all getting too much on Christmas day and go for a walk as you take time out for some quiet reflection. 10 Relaxing Kids at Christmas - The seasonal build up can be so exciting for children and make them hyper and over exhausted. Make sure the children get plenty of relaxing time during the run up to Christmas. Try and turn off the TV and listen to the Relax Kids CDs together while you are snuggling round the fire or Xmas tree. Please pass it on and tell all your friends If you have found this blog helpful please pass it on to your friends, colleagues, schools and nurseries and help us help more families and schools.

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