March 11

How to relax

Yoga and meditation are great for de-stressing, but have you thought of introducing young children to relaxation.  No matter what age children are, they can benefit greatly from relaxation.  Here are some of the many benefits. Relaxation benefits children's bodies in that it helps relax muscles and calm the nervous system as well as boost the immune system and helps children sleep. Relaxation benefits children's minds in that it sharpens concentration, promotes positive thinking and improves memory Relaxation is also great for children's self- confidence and self- esteem, creativity and imagination. Here is a simple relaxation exercises for families and classrooms. Big Hug - This is a great stretch.  It helps relax all the muscles in your shoulders and back.  Give yourself a big hug and slowly lean forward, so feeling a nice open feeling in your back. Breathe in and out. Slowly bring your arms back to your lap. Hug You can find more in our RELAX KIDS BOOKS AND CDs Please pass this on – forward to a friend If you liked this blog – tell your friends, colleagues, local schools and nurseries and help us help others! Thank you.

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March 11

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March 11


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March 11

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