March 11

Goal keeping

Helping children think about and work towards their goals can build self esteem and give them a sense of achievement.  Here are some steps to help children work towards their goals.

1 Imagine
First of all close your eyes and imagine your goal.  What would you like to achieve?  See if you can picture yourself having achieved your goal.  How do you feel?
2 Write
Next write down your goals.  When you write them down, they become clearer and more real.
3 Small Steps
Now, break your goals into small achievable steps.  It is much easier to bite off each chunk rather than tackle the whole thing in one go.
4 Noticeboard
Put up your goals and your small steps somewhere you will see regularly.  The more you are reminded of your goals the easier it is to achieve.
5 Everyday
Every spend a few minutes visualising yourself achieving your goals.  Imagine how you will feel when you have achieved them.
6 Reward
Give yourself a small reward each time you achieve one of the small steps.
Good Luck with all of your goals!
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