March 11

Positive words to read aloud

Here are some thoughts to share with your child. I am unique. I am special. I think about all the things that make me special. I choose to think thoughts that make me feel good about myself. I deserve to have good in my life I know that I am special. I love the fact that I am different and unique - I am not afraid to be different. I am not afraid to be special. I know that I am loved and respected. I love and respect myself. I believe in myself I know that I make a difference to those around me. I can make a valuable contribution to my community. I know that I am wonderful. I feel good about myself. I believe in myself. I feel confident I can do whatever I want. I think I have to think confident thoughts I fill my mind with positive thoughts about myself. I only have good thoughts about myself - everyday I think of more and more reasons why I am amazing. I will make a list of why I am so special. I am proud of the things I have achieved. I congratulate myself. I love myself. I am unique and wonderful. I am individual and one of a kind. There is no one in the world quite like me. I am magnificent - I think about all the reasons why I am magnificent. I refuse to think negative thoughts. I refuse to listen to any negative words from others, No matter what anyone says, I know inside that I am OK. No matter what happens, I know that I am unique and amazing. I am proud to be different. I will now start to appreciate how amazing I am. I am starting to love myself I accept myself just the way that I am. I love and accept myself. Please pass this on – forward to a friend If you liked this blog – tell your friends, colleagues, local schools and nurseries and help us help others! Thank you.

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March 11

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March 11

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March 11

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