March 11

Relax Kids on Dragons' Den

Marneta Viegas, founder of Relax Kids made the cardinal sin of telling the Dragons that she didn't 'set up Relax Kids to make money'. After pin drop silence and open mouths, she was laughed out of the den and told that she was mad and cuckoo. On October 5th, Marneta was on Dragons' Den again. Relax Kids proved on BBC2s How to Win in the Den, that it is possible to develop a successful business but be more concerned with making a social difference. The short clip featured the work that Relax Kids is now doing in schools. Despite not getting funding from the profit hungry dragons, Relax kids is showing that success is not necessarily about making a huge profit but it is about giving something back, doing something with passion and making a difference. Relax Kids is making a huge impact on the schools and families in the UK the relaxation CDs are now used in over 250,000 homes and schools. In a 3 year pilot Sylvester School in Knowsley reduced their exclusions from 19 to zero and now the whole borough have take on Relax Kids. Relax Kids classes are now happening all over the country and help children manage their stress and anxiety. Relax Kids believes passionately that relaxation is the answer to many problems that children are now facing with the rise of stress, anxiety and emotional issues. Relaxation is vital for children's health and well-being and Marneta has created a unique system that gives children tools and social skills for life.

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