March 11

Beat Nightmares with Relax Kids!

Children can experience nightmares on average once a week. The distress that they cause can lead to restless nights because of awkward body contractions in their sleep, fevers or stresses from daily life. Relaxation can really help child stress and in turn, can help children sleep better. There are so many contributory factors to child stress – new technologies, the recent recession, school and peer pressures. And whilst we cannot prevent these things from being created – we can do our best to ease the atmosphere. Create a more relaxing atmosphere at home. Make sure that your TV and music are switched off or at least to a low volume after a certain time. Dim the lights. Try some simple relaxation exercises to de-stress your child: Clenching Hands: Ask your child to clench their hands for 5 seconds and then release. Ask them to complete this for different muscles and body parts. Roll down the spine: Ask your child to as slowly as possible put their chin to their chest, leaving their arms heavy and slowly roll down until they are bending over. At this point ask them to slowly bend their legs into a crouching position and then crawl forward so they are on their hands and knees. Here ask them to bring their bottom backwards towards their feet and then they will be able to rest in form of prayer position. Take a few moments rest, before reversing the process to standing. Shake it out: Ask your child to frantically shake their body for a few seconds to get their pulses racing and then stop. Placing hands on their stomachs, they will be able to observe what it is like to feel how their breathing changes to help them relax. The Relax Kids fairytale range of CDs are a perfect antidote to stress and anxiety.  Order today for restful nights! Please pass it on and tell all your friends If you have found this blog helpful please pass it on to your friends, colleagues, schools and nurseries and help us help more families and schools.

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