March 11

Relax Kids and Northamptonshire Shoebox

The Northamptonshire Shoebox was launched in March 2009 to help workers in schools support the inclusion of pupils where there are concerns about their social, behavioural, mental or emotional health. The Northamptonshire Shoebox is a large folder and web based resource containing invaluable material including: Perspectives on key national initiatives, such as SEAL, Healthy Schools & Every Child Matters Key concepts to consider and how to access resources and training. Eg containment, safety, attachment, staff wellbeing etc Information gathering tools / assessments Where to find useful resources and which are useful for specific age groups or area of need, eg behaviour, feelings, thinking, social skills etc Models, approaches and links to a wide range of training, local and national initiatives and relevant Northamptonshire organisations. It is free for all to access. Please feel free to use this fantastic resource.

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