March 11

Concentration game

Getting children to concentrate can be difficult, but it is worth pursuing as concentration brings so many benefits: Developing good concentration can help: will power inner peace and happiness memory decision making ability to study ability to relax and visualise Try this concentration game Don't Blink Sit opposite your partner and look into their eyes.  Anyone who looks away, breaks the stare, closes their eyes or giggles is out.

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March 11

help your child’s concentration

1 Proper nutrition, adequate exercise and enough sleep as well as drinking water will aid concentration.

2 Draw a point on a post it note and as...

March 11

Beat Manic Lifestyles

Life is manic! There is so much going on generally what with the daily grind but even when we take those external factors out of the equation there are still...

March 11

Look after ourselves

We all have mood swings and it can be difficult to find the will to keep ourselves upbeat and comforted when life is getting us down.