March 11

Large Investment Planned for children's Menta

'The new mental health strategy for England promises an extra £400m for therapies, such as counselling, to increase access to them by 60% by 2015' reports the BBC. It's about time isn't it! After all the stress and anxiety generated by the cut affecting Sure Start Children Centre's and other mental health services, it seems that the Coalition government are finally realising that mental health should be given the same treatment as physical health. Mental health problems need to be treated with the same urgency given to physical health problems. This is particularly true where children are concerned. In fact, children's mental health worries have been known to be pushed aside and labelled trivial. Children's issues and worries are actually enhanced versions of adults ones. They do not have the coping mechanisms that we have developed as adults - and yet, children's services are lagging behind adult provision. Read the full BBC report here! We understand how important it is to provide children with emotional management techniques and have lots of resources for schools and homes that can help with this. Why not try our Don't worry - Be Happy in 21 Days plan to help motivate your children to be confident and relaxed in who they are.

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March 11

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March 11

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