March 11

Make your own Family Love Tokens

The main things our children want and need are free... time, energy, love, hugs, attention and praise.
A great way to ensure that they are getting what they need is to make a selection of love tokens. You can make these with your children out of paper or card and laminate them or collect and draw words on pebbles.
Here are some token ideas:
Hug token
Game token
Story token
Love token
Time token
Laughter token
Foot rub token
Once they are made, place the love tokens in a box, bag or jar.
Make up your own rules as to when they take a token.  It could be once a day or one in the morning and evening or when they need it or come home from school.  Let them choose and token and trade it in for some quality time with you.  Don't forget to join in and pick tokens out of the jar to claim your hugs and kisses.
Please let us know how you get on with this activity and pass this on to your friends and family.

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