March 11

Positive and Negative Emotions

The emotions that we have can generally be categorised as either being positive or negative. However, this may then encourage us to judge our feelings as either good or bed, which is not particularly encouraging or helpful for anyone involved. The way we feel is the way we feel – whether it be an emotion that makes us feel happy, sad or anything else does not matter. They are all valid and we need to listen to our emotions with equal importance. Only then by doing that will we see our “negative” emotions transform into “positive” ones. Ask yourself “How do I feel today” and then label it with a statement. This can be “I feel great”, “I feel angry” or “I feel frustrated”... whatever the case may be. Simply by acknowledging the way you feel you may automatically feel a lift, whether that be that you go from happy to happier or that you go from feeling rather frustrated to a little less frustrated. Next, take a moment to centre yourself and take in everything that surrounds you. Empty your mind and observe everything that is there. What textures can you feel? What colours can you see? What shapes are in the room? This activity will allow you to notice whatever you see in that specific moment. Then take a moment, to take a deep breath in and breathe out focussing on an object in the room. Then move to another object and repeat. Do this 5 times. Smile. This may feel unnatural but it is hard to think of something negative when you have a smile on your face. The Relax Kids 'How do you feel today CD is perfect to help children manage negative feelings. Please pass it on and tell all your friends If you have found this blog helpful please pass it on to your friends, colleagues, schools and nurseries and help us help more families and schools.

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