March 11

Special Night with your child

I called up my best friend the other night and she said that she was unable to chat as she was having 'Special Night' with her youngest daughter.  Each week, her and the girl's father dedicate a night for each child where they have complete attention from one parent.  They can also choose whatever they want to do in their Special Night.

Special Night not only makes them feel special, valued and wanted, but also heard and understood as their fears and problems can be discussed on these nights.

If you would like to bring Special Nights into your family, you will need to keep up the routine as children need this routine to feel secure. Of course, if something urgent comes up, then the plans can be rearranged.  You will come to love and value the quality time you have with your child.  It will also be a great way to relax and de-stress for you.

Set aside one night when each child has all attention from one parent.  If it is not realistic to have a complete night for each child, maybe a timetable could be set where children can have an hour each doing what they wish.  Ask each child what they would like to do.

Here are some ideas.

Under 5s

Craft and art project

Cook their favourite meal

Play their favourite game

Play in the garden before it gets dark

Older children

Girls will love a girlie night, complete with face packs, manicure sets and hair curlers

Treat girls to 'grown up' bath products

Make a meal together

Watch a movie together

Play a sport or go for a run

Most of all - enjoy these precious moments with your child!

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