March 11

Do the Dream Toys of 2011 encourage imaginati

Most of the toys are interactive and have lots of exciting buttons to press and I was quite surprised to see that most of them encourage creative play. But do these toys REALLY encourage children's imagination? Traditionally children enjoyed filling their lives with stories, creative play and dressing up, but as time goes on with the rise of more interactive games and electronic toys, children may not be using their imagination to the fullest capacity as everything is in front of them in full colour and often 3D. So, how can we insure that our children are getting a healthy dose of imagination each day? When you read a story to your child, get them to close their eyes so enhance their imaginative experience. Ensure that the stories are full of positive images. Regular listening to visualisations can enhance your child's imagination. Some parents have noticed how after listening to the Relax kids visualisation, their children have started to play with their dolls or dressing up box and re-creating what they saw in their imagination. Listening to exciting audio books in the car is a possible better alternative to watching DVDs in the car. When you have a few spare moments, close your eyes together and suggest that children take their imagination off to another environment such as a beautiful field, a beach. floating on a cloud or even imagining they are really small and seeing the world from a different perspective. If they enjoy the experience, you may like to extend the time. Imagination is a gift given to us - so lets encourage children to use theirs alongside playing with their Dream Toys.

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