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Valentines Day 14th Feb 2011

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Time to share some time with the ones you love! Valentine’s Day may be a time to appreciate one another and celebrate your love – but this does not necessarily mean that we have to lavish each other in expensive gifts – where the price tag may have been raised because of the holiday associated with the time of year. Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a lovely duvet day for all the family – grab some comfy cushions, put your pyjamas on and pad out the living room in front of the fire. All decide on some favourite DVDs, snacks and treats and spend some quality time as a family. Just relax! You could even try some relaxation exercises together, so that you all experience being calm and serene in this manic world together. Make your family’s heart smile with this exercise: Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose (slowly), and then out through your mouth.  Put your hand on your chest and spend a few moments feeling calm and relaxed.  Now, imagine that you have a smile in your heart.  Watch how you start to have loving feelings. Can you send that smile up to your face?  Let your mouth smile gently.  Breathe in and out and rest there for a few moments.  Now open your eyes and see how different you all feel. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to remind the ones that you love, that you respect and appreciate them. Focus on the things that make the people in your life special and encourage their dreams. For more tips and exercises to help your family relax: visit

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