March 11

What Children want this Christmas

Have you ever given a child a toy and noticed that they are more interested in playing with the box than the colourful gadget?

In credit crunch times, it seems that we are all stepping back to basics and the best selling toys this year are set to be the same ones that adults used to enjoy in the 70s and 80s.
Classic toys like Monopoly, Meccano and Lego expected to be best sellers as they are creative, social and good for learning.
It is great that we are moving away from heavy commercialised gadgets and moving toward interaction, creativity and family fun. I doubt that the Relax Kids relaxation CDs will ever hit Xmas no 1, but if you are looking for some good old fashioned quality family time where you are all in the same room and focussed on the same thing (ie not individuals on playstations, mobiles and ipads), the Relax Kids CDs might just be the thing for you this Christmas.
My personal recommendation for quality family relaxation is Quiet Spaces
and Nature CD. Here's to peaceful Christmas preparations and a restful, creative Christmas full of family fun and interaction

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