March 11

My Favourite Christmas Things

What are your favourite Xmas activities?  Here are some of ours - let us know what you love about Christmas in the comments section below! 1 Making homemade presents 2 Giving homemade presents 3 Smelling vanilla and cinnamon candles 4 Watching the lights on the tree twinkle 5 LIstening to Christmas carols on the radio 6 Making Christmas cards 7 Opening stockings in bed 8 Roast potatoes and yorkshire puddings 9 Sitting by the fire wearing snuggly PJs - listening to Relax Kids CD 10 Relaxing and dreaming of a white christmas What are your favourite Christmas things?

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March 11

Look after ourselves

We all have mood swings and it can be difficult to find the will to keep ourselves upbeat and comforted when life is getting us down. 


March 11

Create a Den at Home

I remember making a den in the spare room with my little sister. We would get old mattresses, sheets and cardboard boxes and create this wonderful place wher...

March 11

Improve your Memory

It’s exam time so here are some tips to help you improve your memory, so revising for those tests will be a breeze!


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