March 11

Teachers Response to Relax Kids

'In 20 years, I have not seen resources as good as these. It really does make a difference to the lives of those who participate. Children are less hyper active therefore calmer, kinder and more focused.' - Beverly Crooks Ofsted Inspector London Relax Kids resources are in my opinion the best in the world. - Dr Neil Hawkes Education consultant As a Local Authority teacher for mental health I wholeheartedly recommend Relax Kids to all schools I work with. Individual children and whole classes love to use the exercises and resrouces, which provide them with a great sense of emotional wellbeing. Relax Kids is wonderful for teachers, teaching assistants and learning mentors, especially used alongside SEAL materials, and also for some of the more `troubled youngsters.` - John Fardon - Mental Health Teacher I am the Head of Foundation stage in a large primary school and also the cluster training co-ordinator for Clacton Town. I use your CDs daily for my nursery children to relax after music and movement – we find that the combination of being energised with dancing and then relaxed with your CDs helps them to focus more purposefully when they play and so their learning is enhanced. - Alison Cole After spending many fruitless hours searching for the perfect music to end a PHSE lesson (Personal, Health and Social Education) I discovered `Relax Kids` CDs. I work with 10/11 year olds; who relish in the pre-pubescent `Top of the School` syndrome; pushing boundaries, unable to be still in the moment. Ha, until now!! Two children `nodded off` in this weeks lesson whilst listening to during the relaxation. - Mandy Hicks We have a mute child at school (only mute in school, speaks at home with mum, dad, close family) who comes to school very tense and stressed. His psychologist recommended relaxing and we tried the CD. The boy loved it and came to school next morning far less stressed and even smiled on the playground before school started. - Tracey Coton I played the CD to our SEAL co-ordinators and they were very impressed. Several subsequently ordered their own copies as a result. One Year 6 teacher played the visualisations every day in the weeks and days running up to the SATs. The pupils were extremely positive and reported that they felt much calmer and ready to learn following listening sessions. It is difficult for teachers to find resources that actively assist children in changing the way they think - Relax Kids visualisations offer exactly that. - Melanie Barber Primary Strategy Consultant - Behaviour The result in my class was astounding! One child who screams continually, stopped and listened to the CD. After having such remarkable results after one listen, I now plan to use the CD as a start of the day activity and end of the day activity - G. Muir, Phoenix Special School I brought it as i was told it would help my daughter through a stage of panic attacks and so far it is helping her and me get through it so i do recommend to buy this book as there . - Louise Knight I have been using the Relax Kids CD with my Year 1 classes for just over a year. I introduced them to last years class as a method of calming them down after hectic lunchtimes. I have continued to use the CDs at this time of day, a couple of times a week and the children look forward to coming in and having a short time of quiet and calm - they always remind me if I forget. - Lisa Dower I am a teacher of emotional and behavioural problem children and have used your CDs to help the childrenwhen we do relaxation in class. A few of my colleagues have also used them and find them very useful. We have a multi sensory room in our school and the play therapist has recommended the CDs to parents of some of our children who have shown an interest. - Deb Kirkby I have recently started using the relaxation CD in my classroom to help my children who have emotional and behavioural difficulties to relax and calm down. I have combined it with some positive suggestions and muscle relaxation exercises with good effect. - Lea

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