March 11

Hyperactivity in Children

Some children really struggle with concentration and focus – whether it be at home or school. For some of them, this could be because they simply have not learnt the skills yet to manage this part of their behaviour. For others – it could be because they have ADHD: (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Did you know, this disorder affects around 9% of children in the UK? 


ADHD is treated by medicine and different behavioural therapies including relaxation so that such children can learn the skills desired to help control their behaviour. 


It must be very frustrating for a child to be constantly nagged “why are you doing that”: when the answer is that they don’t actually know. It is important to remember that everyone has times when they lose control of their behaviour and so it does not necessarily mean that your child has ADHD. 


By starting your child off with regular relaxation sessions from a young age, they can have the techniques available to them that can become part of the natural daily routine. For children who have not been exposed to regular relaxation, it may take a little more practice to get into it – but they will really reap the benefits, once it is an integral part of their lifestyle. They will be able to stay calm and relax under pressure by using exercises taught to them and resources that help them tap into this part of their brain.


Relaxation is great for children with ADHD as there is no “wrong way” of doing it – so they can gain confidence in their individuality and boost their own self esteem, which will obviously then have desirable effects on later life. 

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