March 11

Respecting People that you Love

I don’t know about you but I am often telling myself off for not appreciating the people closest to me. Why do we tend to treat the people that we love in such odd ways? Is it because we become so complacent that we assume that they will always be there for us no matter what – especially in terms of relatives!


I know that it can be really difficult to remember to treat them with care, but they have feelings too and no matter what frame of mind we happen to be in that day – we need to understand and respect our siblings and peers and show them what they mean to us with little acts of kindness. 


Some people use the holidays as an opportunity for this – I vote that we do things little and often, whether it be helping unload the dishwasher or posting your partner a card, to things more extravagant. 


Other lovely opportunities might be simple things such as opening car doors (and this doesn’t just have to be the men doing it for the ladies!) or making sure we remember our please and thank you’s! 


Let’s learn from our foreign friends and remember to respect our elders also. Abroad, it seems only natural to have generations of families all living under the same roof at the same time. We in Britain (in general) seem to have let this slip a bit. Now I am not suggesting a lifestyle change – but it is so important to look after grandparents and communicate this important message of family to our children. After all, they will be the one’s looking after us eventually! Some people count their friends as their family. Whatever your situation, lets all show a bit more love and support each other.

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March 11

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