March 11

Encouraging Others

It is so easy to get wound up in our own worlds that we forget to encourage others and support their successes. The best team players notice that it takes a mix of roles to create a success story. 


We all develop as people by learning from one another. Our friends, relatives and peers inspire us to be who we are. We learn from their behaviour and we take from each other the best bits of each others personalities – so we should be gracious and thank them for contributing to us. 


We all love a complement so why not give some out today! 


Different people respond to different kinds of complement. Some like public acknowledgement, others shy away and keep themselves to themselves. Tailor your approach to suit the person that you are encouraging.


Here are some ideas on how you can encourage your peers: 


You could offer awards to your friends for the great things they do and make them certificates! 

Drop them a text and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Get reward stickers and give them out. 

Leave someone a chocolate bar and say thank you that way.

Tell someone what you think was good about their work – don’t just expect them to know!!

Try to take note of an individual’s effort – what one person manages may be different to what another can. We all have different strengths, so acknowledge the individual.

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