March 11

Morning Exercises

I have put together some simple exercises that you can try with your children at the beginning of the day for a few moments calm before school and also some energising exercises for after school.

1 Tummy Breathing

Sit or lie down and put your hand on your tummy.  Feel your tummy rising and falling as you breathe deeply.  Continue breathing and feeling calm and relaxed and focused.


2 Positive Talk

Sit down or lie in bed and repeat a positive sentence 5 times such as ‘Today I feel amazing and I am going to have an amazing day’, ‘Today I feel full of energy and I am going to have a brilliant day’, ‘Today I am feeling positive and I am going to have a happy day’.


3 Tall Stretch

Stand up tall and put your arms up above your head.  Clasp your hands together and look up to your hands and stretch back a little.  Enjoy the stretch as you open your chest.  This is a great stretch to help you feel revitalised and helps release depression.


4 Visualisation

Close you eyes and imagine you are looking into a mirror.  You see yourself full of energy, smiling and enjoying your day.  You look healthy and full of brightness.  Stay still and really spend some time looking at this wonderful you.  See it and feel it!  Now, keeping your eyes closed, take a step towards the mirror and step into that wonderful you.  Feel the brilliance and energy and sparkle.  Now touch your thumb and first finger and hold that for a few seconds.  Step back and open your eyes and go off and have a wonderful day.  Each time you want to remind yourself of your brilliance, just squeeze your thumb and first finger and it will remind you of all those lovely positive feelings.


5 Massage

Massage your forehead, gently stroking.  Massage your temples with your fingers.  Gently press under your eyes.  Take in a deep breath and just feel relaxed for a few moment before you get ready for school.

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