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Meet the Relax Kids Coaches

Hi, I'm Angela. I've been a Relax Kids Teacher since 2007. My son Harry was two at the time and I believed then, as I do now, that there is too much pressure on children to grow up too fast!

Children as young as four have to get up early, go off to school for hours upon hours of listening and learning. Then, there is after school activities, dinner, homework and finally, bed. That is a long, hectic day for such young children! Where was the 'down time' for my son? Where was the fun? Where was the magic of being a child?

So I searched for something I could believe in; something that would incorporate my passion for mediation, yoga and positive touch, as well as reinforce the power of affirmations and visualisation, all into a fun and energetic bundle that kids could enjoy and digest -along with that extra touch of magic! I found Relax Kids.

I started the Relax Kids training course with the intention of using the exercises and games to help my son. I thought it would teach me ways to be more imaginative with him and help him through the busy and chaotic life I knew he had yet to come. I had no idea how truly amazing it was going to be.

After the phenomenal course, I was sold! I wanted every adult and every teacher to realise how beautiful you could make a child's little world. The skills taught in a Relax Kids class are something every child should have the opportunity to learn: courage, honesty, respect, compassion, gratitude, the list goes on...

If only schools knew about these classes and every child were taught how to relax, use their imaginations and learn believe in themselves, then the world could be a completely different place. I wanted to be a part of this.

I set myself an initial goal of using my Relax Kids training to help my son develop and grow. To see if I could help him on the inside before he went out into a world full of stress and negativity.

Over time, his vocabulary was becoming so strong and so positive. I watched him become more confident and kind to others. His imagination rocketed. He understood the power of thought. He understood he could change his mood with his mind and words.

Harry has learnt through Relax Kids that if someone was being nasty to him, they weren't happy on the inside. So rather than feed that anger, frustration or hate by responding in the same way they had to him, Relax Kids taught him to use his mind and his heart. I explained how he could send that person love through the power of his mind, which didn't mean accepting what they said about him, but through the tools of Relax Kids he knows inside himself that he is a great boy, full of confidence and happiness. This has achieved the goal I set out for my son and I am over the moon!

I have had the opportunity to share Relax Kids with an extraordinary range of children with different needs. I have taught a child who had no speech at all, a child who had no confidence at all, a child who had abandonment issues, a child who had hyperactivity, as well as children that just needed to relax and have fun! Every child each week takes something different from the classes. Watching the children grow and develop I am amazed and I feel truly blessed that I'm a part of their childhood and growth. I am currently teaching a new class of 22 children at a pre-school, aged between 2-4 who loved the magical adventure themed classes!

The quicker schools add Relax Kids to the curriculum the better!

I also teach two private clients, one of whom is thought to have ADHD. Over the months I have watched him grow in confidence and watched his creativity soar. He loves to lay on the floor and make-up stories. We always start by imagining we are walking up different coloured steps, each step has a positive word on, and we take in turns to say a colour and emotion, "yellow- amazing, blue -super, red- happy", etc. Then we take it in turns using a few sentences each to create a magical story. He will be happy to do that for at least 20 minutes! When I first met him, he would never have spent that amount of time laying still or making up a story.

I work closely with Oliver's mum and this is what she had to say-

"Oliver has been attending Relax kids with Angela for nearly 9 months. From the first session he loved the concept and we feel it was just what he needed: calm, positive, gorgeous energy! Angela has reinforced what we believe at home, that he can succeed and fly given the right tools. Oliver is now having one-to-one sessions with Angela as we are in the process of a diagnosis for ADHD. I can honestly say that in all my years, I have never experienced anything like Relax Kids. To teach our children that they are all beautiful, perfect and that they all have the ability to find their inner peace and calm is such a life skill. Angela does this beautifully. She is passionate that every child should shine from the inside."

I have also just started working with a 7 year old with Aspergers. It's going to be a challenge, but I'm really looking forward to building a bond and helping him in his little life.

I would love to work more in pre-schools and primary schools. I believe it's never too early to start building children's confidence and giving them the positive tools to guide them through life. The quicker schools add Relax Kids to the curriculum the better!

For more information on my classes or to talk about how I can help your child with Relax Kids, contact angela@pureforyou.co.uk www.pureforyou.co.uk

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