March 11

Look after ourselves

We all have mood swings and it can be difficult to find the will to keep ourselves upbeat and comforted when life is getting us down. 


It is so important to take time to reward yourself for the positive contributions that you make to life. Put yourself first – what do you enjoy doing? Make sure that you create space in your diary to do something that makes you happy and keeps you inspired. Perhaps you would like to learn a new hobby? What is stopping you? 


For many, the answer is “I don’t have the time”. I don’t know about you, but actually, the older I get, the quicker life seems to go by. We need to make the time!


Prioritise. Perhaps there are activities in your life that you may feel are unnecessary or too time consuming. If you fret about doing the shopping, why not order online and have your food delivered. If cleaning gets your goat, spread the chores out – you don’t have to do everything in one go. If you are putting all of your efforts into looking after your kids, ask someone to have the children for the evening and have a date night with your partner. You could set this up with a friend so that you take turn looking after each others children, so you all reap the benefits!


Give yourself a pat on the back – life can throw all sorts of things at us without our control – it is the way that we deal with them that we are able to decide. 


If in doubt, a good cuddle always puts some energy back into your bones!


And if you are alone, try this exercise for size!


Big Hug


Here is a great stretch.  It helps relax all the muscles in your shoulders and back.  Give yourself a big hug and slowly lean forward, so feeling a nice open feeling in your back. Breathe in and out. Slowly bring your arms back to your lap.

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